First of all we talking about your wedding and I listening all your ideas. I love to know your love story to know you better.
Together we choose the package do you need and than I start to work for your wedding immediately.

I’ll prepare to you a design for your wedding, with locations, styling, details, vendors list, timeline, etc, to create the best team to make your dreaming wedding perfect!
On wedding day I’ll be there to coordinate everyone, and I’ll control all decorations, details and I’ll solve any little problems that might happen.

You just enjoy your wedding and get married! 


— wedding planning —


You dreaming to get married in Italy, you have an idea of your wedding and a time, but not else. The distance is a problem and you want to optimize time, energy and budget.
You want someone on your side who understand your vision and propose you, and help you, to find the perfect place, options, main vendors to realize your perfect day. 

wedding weekend


You want to celebrate you wedding in your dreaming place, Italy, but you want also to have a little holiday with your parents and friends. The day before wedding, when your guests arrive, you will welcome them with a cocktail and a casual dinner, to introducing them into the wedding atmosphere. On wedding day you have your dreaming day with all care I describe in  "Wedding Planning” package.

The day after you ‘ll say thanks and goodbye with a brunch, maybe on poolside, or a typical italian cooking class, or anything else. 

— intimate wedding —


Is the classic Elopement: two or a couple of close people and nothing else, just you and your love. It will be a warm ceremony, where every details are more accurate, and everything seeks about your love story. 

Do you need more informations, or do you want my brochure?


 — proposal —


do you want to organize a perfect proposal here in italy, but you don't know how? or do you prefer to have a magical party for a special occasion? together realize your dreams, find the right place, photographer, and all props you need to create your seet lovely moment.

personalized globes 


My globes recount the story of those who order me: a friendship, a love story,or the beginning of a new fantastic adventure. EACH ONE is different, each one is unique.

— stationery —


in a wedding all will be in harmony. invitations are important as any other details, so it will be not left to chance. I could made all your stationery to create the perfect match with your wedding decorations.